What are full spectrum lighting and high CRI?

You may have heard a lot about spectrum and high CRI, which are crucial factors in lighting. We are surrounded by thousands of lights and we cannot avoid them: homes, offices, cafes and restaurants, buildings, streets, schools and you name it. You might have at least a few times wondered what makes quality lighting for our eyes and our emotions as we often stay or live indoors under some form of man made lighting.

We do no think that objects look difficult to identify or look dim whether on a sunny or a cloudy day but the case would be the opposite indoors. We feel sunlight is far superior to any lighting. Why is that? Because sunlight has high CRI. Then, How can we mimic daylight?


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What defines good lighting and how is high CRI related?

According to Dr. Mercola, an expert on light and its effects and uses, to be considered full spectrum, a good light requires the following traits: A full and balanced spectrum of colour like natural sunlight, ultra violet and infrared wavelengths. That indicates a CRI over 90’s because the sun has CRI 100Ra and a colour temperature of 5500, which is the same light colour of the Sun in the middle of the day.


What are the benefits of full spectrum lighting?

We will not be able to find anyone who does not like the sunlight. Rather, everyone loves the sunlight. Furthermore, we all cannot deny that full spectrum lighting is absolutely beneficial or even necessary on some special occasions for a therapeutic purpose associated with emotions. What are some major benefits of full spectrum lighting?


Enhanced mental awareness and increased capability to stay focused leading to higher levels of productivity

First of all, think about a car assembly plant. You cannot imagine workers assembling car parts work under poorly lit lighting. It is essential that they work under well-lit factories to increase ability to concentrate and enhance their mental awareness. If not, it could lead to accidents. Yes, you need full spectrum, high CRI where work performances are highly important such as factories, laboratories, textile industries, and operation rooms at hospitals.


Superior visual clarity and colour perception as well as the reduction of eyestrain and fatigue

Secondly, think of your visiting a clothing store. You often cannot identify well enough certain colours on textures or clothes until you take them outside in the sun and look at them again. Now and again you feel that your eyes have a tendency to feel tired or strained under poorly lit places. In the sunlight you can see things more clearly without feeling your eyes fatigued. Hence, you need high CRI lighting to identify objects well indoors.


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Beneficial for emotion

Last but not least: full spectrum lighting can be used as treatment of Natural Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD), depression, sleep problems as well as jet lag due to its ability to poorly balance the body’s production of melatonin and serotonin. During the daytime when you have to work only at an office or at school, you would not get enough sunlight. Should the indoor lighting be poor and low quality, you would be more likely to feel down or depressed simply because of poor lighting. Therefore, what you need is full spectrum lighting, high cri lighting.



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Full spectrum technology with high CRI mimics daylight indoors.

We all somehow function better under full spectrum lighting whatever we do: working, studying and living. Full spectrum means high CRI, colour-rendering index as sunlight has CRI 100Ra. We need similar lighting to sunlight: this is why we need high CRI LED lighting. Many of us tend to spend great amount of time indoors. Therefore we want to stay under full spectrum lighting, under lighting with high CRI close to sunlight. CL Lighting, allowing us to proudly classify many of our modules as Full Spectrum, has achieved all of the aforementioned characteristics.