t8 led lamp
CRI 80
2200 lm
20 watt


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  1. Labor & Cost Savings – No Rewiring Required Strong compatibility with EFL (existing electronic fluorescent) ballasts minimizes downtime of replacing previous fluorescent lamp job easy.
  2. Safety & Reliability – Protecting from Over current Leads to Longevity of EFL Ballasts It actively responds to output voltage fluctuation in EFL ballasts
  3. Remarkable Energy Savings (Up to 50%) in Comparison with EFL High power efficiency of the built-in converter in LED tube lamps saves energy with power factor 0.96
  4. Long Lifespan  No built-in electrolytic condenser, Efficient controlling heat system, 50,000 hour guarantee (With 12 hour daily use, it lasts for over 10 years)


Other features

  • Vast application – Applicable to both mechanical and electronic ballast
  • Eco-friendly – Mercury-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free. (result: Carbon emission drop by 50% more)
  • CL light source used
  • Certification – UL acquired (No. 4786516289), DLC acquired(Document being issued at the moment), Federal Government of USA procurement acquired, Patent (Ballast, South Korea), KC (Korea Certification No.YJ11002-15001) acquired, South Korean Government procurement acquired (No.22874316), ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Non-flickering like other low quality t8 led lamps


Our clients using our T8 LED tube lamp within Korea

Kookmin Bank, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Third ROK Army, etc.


: Out-sourced at ENT with ENT logo on this model.


EFK-BE22( electronic/mechanical compatible)
Power ConsumptionW20
Input VoltageV/HzAC220/60
Beam Angle°120
Operating Temperature-20~50
SizemmΦ26 x 1,200
Colour Temp.K5,000



T8 LED Tube Lamp is extremely easy to assemble. All you need to do is just to take out the current lamps from the lamp body and then put in T8 LED lamps like other fluorescent lamps. Our T8 LED Tube lamp has driver built-in.

  • Power efficiency – Line Drive Power Technology contributes to maintaining efficiency at 96%
  • Lightweight and sturdy, therefore not fragile even when dropped
  • Highly efficient driver used, contributing to long life span.


Solutions for prevention of electric shock in LED lamps

CL Lighting Company KCompany I   Comparison
Electric Shock Preventiont8 led lamp t82 t83Mandatory to contain electric shock prevention function due to current carrying part such as Al Heat sink (KC Standard : 0.7mA)
SolutionsBuilt-in convertor (KC Certified)Outer mechanical switch attached to G13 Base Pin areaBy contact resistance, mechanical switch can be overheated and cause fire.