Introduction of CL Lighting

CL LIGHTING is the international marketing department of CL PHOTONICS.

CL photonics launched in 2009. Ever since then we have dedicated solely to high-end light sources and finished products. As a result, we have gained great achievements; We have created MOC (Metal-On-Ceramic)-COB module, the key technology. We named it CHOA X LED. Metal placed directly onto Ceramic COB vertically with sapphire laser cut technology, we have extremely efficient diodes. Our proudly developed MOC-COBs not only boast high CRI with 98 Ra, but also low wattage and great brightness altogether due to the tremendous ability to dissipate heat backwards in case with 1.0 degree c/W.

Unlike typical LED sources, ours use no insulation layers such as FR-4 or Polymer, which cannot dissipate heat outward but rather be heated inside easily, resulting in subtle crack in the module.

MOC-COB enables LED lights to achieve highest thermal and electrical reliability: Perfectly uniform light on the spot and highest heat dissipation on the back of housing along with low electricity used.

Therefore this technology does not need complicated cooling system, which uses electricity on the housing. MOC-COBs simply do not get heated as easily as other lateral types. On top of all of these features, they are long lasting at least with 25,000 hour guarantee. Given all the features, our products are great replacements for incandescent light bulbs.

Traditionally, LED lighting had a tradeoff between CRI and efficacy because LEDs were only able to achieve either high CRI or a high efficacy. However, due to our patent LED technology, we are able to produce high efficacy rates of over 140 lumens per watt, while still providing industry-leading CRI in the high 90’s. It is not a surprise therefore at all that CL Lighting has acquired a number of patents in Korea, USA and Japan as well as the grand slam: UL accredited, DLC acquired and Federal Government of the United States of America procurement acquired.

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Foundation29 September 2009
Address267 Sinjeong-ro, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
Patent9 registration, 5 application (PCT: 2, USA: 3)


LED chip developments

2009. Company foundation

2010. Developed high power vertical LED chip 1W, 3W

2010. Applied 4 Patents

2010.08 Developed high power vertical LED chip 5W

2011.04 Applied 2 Patents

2012.03 PCT on high power lateral LED chip fabrication method

2012.06 Registered 3 patents on vertical LED chip

2014-15 Applied 3 patents in USA  


COB module development

2009. Developed magnetron sputtering system for thick film

2010. Developed MOC-COB module of 7W – 30W

2010. Applied 5 Patents

2011. Developed MOC-COB module of 40W – 120W

2012. Developed MOC-COB module of 150W

2013. Registered 2 patents on MOC-COB

2014. Developed MOC-COB module over 400W

2015. Applied 2 patent in USA



– MOC-COB production facilities

– MOC-COB mass production

– Business activities in Korea

– Business activities in China & Asia

– Maximize production yield of MOC-COB: 5% or lower

– Price competitiveness

– Business activities in the world

– Mature business plan


– Apply self-product COB – Design of luminaires using  

COB & Driver

– Maximize the efficiency – Get certifications – High power luminaires

CL Lighting – International Department of CL Photonics

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