What makes high cri led lights and what other factors make led lighting look great?

Are you looking for high cri led lighting?

But you do not want to give up on efficacy, which is lumen per wattage? It is possible to achieve both with CL light sources and finished products.

High CRI

CRI 98 Ra

High Efficacy

140 lumens per watt

Features of Metal On Ceramic (MOC)–COB Module


1. Ceramic substrate with only metal layers

This is the reason why our light sources and finished products perform better than other COBs. Dissipating heat tremendously effectively leads to long-standing durability at least with more than 50,000 hours’ warranty. With housing our MOC (metal on ceramic)-COB modules dissipate heat to the back of it, providing uniform light on the spot (led lights on the front). They do not simply get heated as much as other COBs do.


2. High CRI 98 (Color Rendering Index), 98 Ra of R9

High CRI is needed in areas where colour presentations and appearances are essential. You are highly likely to draw more customers in retail stores, shopping malls, grocery stores, department stores, galleries and exhibits. Particularly, red colour will look great along with all other colours that look natural. High CRI is also desired where work performances are important in textile industries, hospitals and laboratories, etc.


3. No insulation layers such as FR-4 or Polymer

Metal On Ceramic COBs do not have any plastic substrates such as FR-4 or Polymer. Most led light sources are manufactured with FR-4 or Polymer, causing greater heat within the COB module. Frequently, you will encounter housing with fans built-in. This is not a thing you can feel proud of because this indicates your COB modules have a tendency to be heated at a rapid rate. MOC-COBs are simple and efficient.

Other Features

  • 4. 140 lm/W at 5700k CCT
  • 5. High Power Single COB Module 100-500 watt
  • 6. Low thermal resistance: Rth < 1.0 °C/W and 0.35 °C/W lower from junction to case (housing)
  • 7. LED temperature 7.7 °C lower
  • 8. Forward voltage rate drops to 0.19 %, lower than metal COB
  • 9. Compact size light source for customized LED lights and finished products
  • 10. RoHS compliant and PB-Free
  • 11. High-speed Sputter Thick Coating Technology
  • 12. Power factor 0.97
0W High Power COB Module for High Bay Lighting


Traditionally, LEDs were only able to achieve either high CRI, or high efficacy. Now you can have both with CL Lighting


Natural Light, Less Energy

CL Lighting



1. Tremendous improvement on color presentations due to high CRI

CL LED lights dramatically improve the appearances of objects in retail stores, supermarkets, museums, galleries and exhibits where appearances and presentations are essential and in hospitals and textile industries where color differentiation is crucial in work performances. If you are keen on making your stores and products look much more appealing and, boosting more sales, then you need high CRI LED lights. Under natural lighting, your customers will more likely to feel more comfortable and identify your products better.


2. Great efficiency resulting from our MOC-COB light source

Our LED lights manifest great efficiency with high brightness (lumen) and low electricity (wattage) where conservation of energy is desired in such places as big office buildings, shopping malls and sports stadiums. This became possible due to our metal on ceramic – COB, providing at least with 25,000 hour guarantee in time of use. We are proud of and confident in our lighting: Korea, USA and Japan Patent, UL and DLC accredited and Federal Government of the United States procurement acquired.


3. Uniform light on the spot and the highest heat dissipation on the back

Optimal and highest uniform heat dissipation on the back of housing and radiation on the spot are the important advantages. Unlike most led lights, our products have excellent longevity because of reliable thermal path and electric efficacy. Simply put, this is all about our Metal On Ceramic COB that does not use polymer or fr-4. Those typical types of COBs get heated easily causing crack before long whereas our light sources and finished products do not. Rather, CL LED lights have optimal and uniform light on the spot and efficient distribution of heat towards the back of housing (case).

0 hour warranty
4. Long life span

5. Far more efficient than other COBs and PCBs operating -40 °C to 60 °C


6. Optimal applications for all of our lighting products: bulbs, outdoor, medical, emotion and vehicles.

7. Ease of assembling, disassembling and replacement

8. Custom design possible for LED chips and housing (400W COB module in the above picture)

9. Feel as if you were in the sunlight with healthy mind

Advantages of CL COB’s heat distribution

high cri led moc cob


metal cob

Other COB

CRI 70

high cri led 98

CRI 98

What determines a high CRI and what are the advantages?

According to EnergyStar, the color rendering index (CRI) of a light source is a quantitative measure of its ability to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. It is significant because it has been the most difficult metric for incandescent replacement light bulbs to match (while maintaining high efficiency) and therefore the most frequently ignored. For that reason, LED light bulbs with a high CRI can be worthy replacements for incandescent light bulbs. Most LED lights do not have a CRI above 90. However, with CL Photonics High CRI LED Lighting, we are able to provide CRI’s well above 90. According to Steven Keeping in his study on CRI and its importance, high CRI is important because a high CRI can reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison to a natural light source such as the sun. *Traditionally, LED lighting had a tradeoff between CRI and efficacy (or lumens per-watt, is a measure of the efficiency with which the bulb produces light), because LEDs were only able to achieve either high CRI, or high efficacy. Therefore manufacturers would target their products at different markets depending on the application. For example, an art gallery would require a high CRI, whereas street lighting sacrifices CRI for a higher efficacy. However, due to our patented LED technology, we are able to produce high efficacy rates of over 130 lumens per watt, while still providing industry leading CRI’s in the high 90’s.


led_module_metal_substrate_01led_module_metal_substrate_02high cri led_module_ceramic_substrate
ClassificationIMSMetal substrateCeramic substrate
Applicable LED chipLateral & Vertical LEDLateral LEDLateral & Vertical LED
PKG onlyBare chipBare chip
Thermal conductivityBadGoodBest
Electrical reliabilityNot badGoodBest, > 5.0 kV
Reliability at low temp. under 40℃Bad due to insulation layerBad due to insulation layerBest, No insulation layer
Substrate size (for 120W)20cm x 20cmDifficult or > 6cm x 6cmEasy < 3cm x 3.5cm
Cost (for 120W)HighMiddleLow
RemarkMost in the market But, will be going DOWN Low Thermal conductivity LI Design flexibility LIMITED Most companiesMarket Opened Good thermal conductivity Applicable temp. LIMITED High power LIMITED Many; LG Innotek, Citizen, PhillipsMarket Opening Good thermal conductivity Applicable temp. UN-LIMITED High power UN-LIMITED Rare; CL Photonics
high cri led

Full spectrum technology mimics daylight indoors.

According to Dr. Mercola, an expert on light and its affects and uses, to be considered full spectrum, a light must have the following characteristics: A full and balanced spectrum of color like natural sunlight, infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, a CRI in the high 90’s, and a color temperature of 5500 which is the same light color of the mid day sun. Dr. Mercola also states that full spectrum lighting has many benefits, which include: Enhanced mental awareness and increased ability to concentrate leading to higher levels of productivity, superior visual clarity and color perception, as well as the reduction of eye strain and fatigue. Dr Mercola and Daniel F. Kripke also state that full spectrum lighting can be used as treatment of Natural Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), depression, sleep problems as well as jet lag due to its ability to properly balance the body’s production of melatonin and serotonin. Furthermore, the journal Environmental Health Perspectives states that poor lighting is one of the major environmental dangers at school that our children are subjected to. This journal cited studies showing the positive benefits of “daylighting” or creating classrooms with full spectrum lighting. All of the forementioned characteristics have been achieved by CL Photonics, allowing us to proudly classify many of our modules as Full Spectrum.

Why do we need high cri led lighting?


1. Protect your eyes from potential disease

High cri led lights give you very natural light as the sunlight (cri 100Ra). Under poor cri, you are exposed to potential risk of getting eye related disease.


2. Boost your sales!

Proper lighting gives products great looks. As we want pictures not on a cloudy day but on a sunny day. Because we look better. Both people and products look attractive under high cri led lighting.


3. Stay happy under natural light.

It is important to get enough sunlight anyway to stay happy. But we can’t help but spend a lot of time at school, offices, houses, and stores. That is why we need lighting like sunlight to stay happy.

Natural Light, Less Energy