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Do not Sacrifice either one for the other.

high cri led 70

CRI 70

choax-high cri 98

CRI 98

Natural Light, Less Energy

CL Lighting

Our Light Sources and Finished Products

led_lights_mr_16 MR16high CRI LED lighting par30 black PAR30choax-high cri LED lights Light source
CRI98 Ra96 Ra98 Ra
Color Temp.3200k3000kCustomizable

Metal On Ceramic COB Module

Ultimate satisfaction begins from our USA, Korea, and Japan Patent light source.

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Retail stores, supermarkets, museums, galleries and exhibits

Where high full colours are prominent & presentations are essential

Hospitals, textile Industries, laboratories and clothing shops

Where colour differentiation is crucial in work performances

  • high power led lights classroom cl photonics
  • high cri led stadium

Stadiums, offices, buildings, schools and plants or factories

Where saving of energy consumption and maintaining light quality are desired

High CRI

Natural Light 

Energy Conservation